Initial Visit to Kitsilano Massage

What to Expect on your First Visit

Your appointment will begin with filling out a medical health history form. This allows the therapist to better understand your past and current health and any contraindications to massage therapy. Following which you will have a short interview to allow the therapist to better understand your condition, allow for questions from both parties and come up with a treatment plan that will most suit your condition.

The therapist will then leave the room and you will be given privacy to disrobe and get on the treatment table – clothing is removed only in the area being treated and if you are uncomfortable with this, please inform the therapist and an alternative method can be arranged. The therapist will knock to reenter the room to ensure you are ready to begin. The treatment will consist of a variety of massage techniques suited to your condition.

Following treatment, the therapist will leave the room to allow privacy for you to re-dress. Having treated your conditions, the therapist will now be ready to discuss a more detailed treatment plan and assign any necessary home care. This time will also allow for any more questions you may have.

Massage Pricing

30 minute massage - $80 including tax
45 minute massage - $100 including tax
60 minute massage - $125 including tax
75 minute massage - $150 including tax
90 minute massage- $175 including tax

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Patient Intake Form

Download and print off our Patient Intake Form before coming in to maximize our efforts in getting you in as soon as possible. To download the PDF form please click here.