Heidi Fitzpatrick: RMT

Heidi's roots in health and wellness are deep. Growing up, 15 years as a dancer inspired a fascination with the human body and movement. As an adult she discovered yoga and found the teachings of balance, interconnection, and awareness to be life changing. Heidi completed a yoga teacher-training program in Vancouver and India before studying massage therapy in Vancouver, BC.

Heidi practices massage therapy with a heart centered, compassionate and caring approach. She believes that everyone carries different life experiences that can be held in the body as tension, pain, holding patterns, or dysfunction. With a focus on listening and providing treatments unique to each person, the goal is to cultivate mind-body awareness, and allow the body to relax, release and heal.

Heidi has a deep respect for the art and science, complexity and depth of massage therapy to facilitate body awareness and healing. She understands the human body is composed of intricate, connected systems and takes a holistic approach to massage therapy considering all layers of the body in her treatments.

This approach led Heidi to post-graduate (and ongoing) study of Myofascial Release Therapy, CranioSacral Therapy and Visceral Manipulation. These fascial treatment techniques greatly compliment one another, and do not use oil as the intended tissues or structures need to be engaged. Although Heidi's massage therapy practice focuses on using these specific fascial treatment techniques, she does incorporate Swedish Massage with organic oil when appropriate.

Heidi is passionate about integrating yoga into her massage treatments as meditation, breath awareness and therapeutic home care including stretches, movement and strengthening for the body. Her clients can find each treatment session to be informative and educational- empowerment through knowledge!

When not at Kitsilano Massage Therapy, Heidi can be found practicing yoga, qigong, reading, cooking, spending time with her husband and daughter, family and friends, and being in nature.