Jill Harvey: RMT

My journey in massage therapy started in 1996. I was a fitness leader, personal trainer, triathlete and marathoner. Then I prolapsed a disc in my back. I went to physiotherapy and rehab but my injury still prevented me from performing to the same level as I had previously. A friend of mine suggested going to a registered massage therapist. I was amazed at how much it helped facilitate the healing process. Previously I could only ride my bike for a few hours, but after I found massage I went on to compete in Ironman Canada three times, riding my bike in training for 6 to 7 hours at a stretch. This lead to a desire to have a more therapeutic practice.

Since graduating from massage therapy school in 2001, I am dedicated to lifelong professional development. Post graduate studies have included muscle energy for the spine, pelvis and ribs, myofascial release for the shoulder and pelvis, visceral manipulation, cranial sacral therapy, deep tissue therapy and joint mobilizations.

As a practitioner, I like to tailor each treatment to the individual. With experience, a sense of humour and a positive attitude, I try to help each person that crosses my table to take a step closer to wellness. As an RMT practitioner helping to enrich all of my clients lives for over 10 years, I feel tremendous happiness going to work each day and feel that I have found my niche.

Contact Jill at: jill.rmt@telus.net